What is a bare ground treatment?

Bare ground treatments are for your areas you want completely free and void of all plants. These areas can be gravel driveways, walkways, trails, mulched pathways, or areas surrounding businesses and commercial lots. Or you may also wish to eliminate plants prior to landscaping or asphalt installation.

How long until the area can be used?

After treatment, customers must limit their walking and driving over the treated area as much as possible. Pets must not be allowed on the treated area for at minimum 24 hours.

How long before we can see a change?

Our custom bare ground formulations begin interrupting weed biology immediately but can take between 1-4 days to show visible wilting. Cooler temperatures reduce plant metabolism which could slow down the treatment.

Herbicides will kill the plant but not remove the dead plant litter. Small amounts of dead plant littler will blow away in the wind and go unnoticed. Larger amounts of dead plant littler could begin to decay and could require leaf blowing or raking to remove.

What is the duration of weed control?

We guarantee our custom bare ground treatment from early Spring to late Fall, 6-full months from time of application. Heavy winter rains move the bare ground chemicals deeper into the ground which make them ineffective. This guarantee is not valid in cases of certain noxious weeds, horsetail and similar herbicide tolerant plants.

If at any-time within 6-months weeds begin to appear in an area previously treated, we will gladly revisit your site and reapply our bare ground products.

When can Northwest Weed Management treat?

Our bare ground services start in early February and will be guaranteed for 6-months or until heavy rains begin. We have best results applying the treatments on cool, calm days with light to moderate rainfall anticipated within 2-4 days.

What is the pricing?

Pricing for bare ground treatments is based on both the square-footage of the area to be treated and the amount of vegetation currently present. Normally, a single lot private residence with a 50-foot-long driveway, 6-month guaranteed weed free, will run approximately $300.00. The larger area we treat, the less per square foot we charge.