Lawn Care

Lawn care and managing lawn weeds is a tiresome and difficult task for many homeowners. Oftentimes, the chemicals sold in stores are not effective enough to control our most difficult weeds. Northwest Weed Management treats all types of lawn weeds. These include:

Grassy Weeds

Grassy weeds grow under the same conditions as a normal lawn’s grass. Crabgrass and yellow foxtail are some grassy weeds.

Broadleaf Weeds

As the name indicates, broadleaf weeds have wide leaves. These weeds often flower and can be difficult to treat. Broad leaf weeds include horsetail, thistles, dandelions, wild violets, and clovers.

Warm-Season Weeds

Weeds which grow during warm summer months.

Cool-Season Weeds

Weeds which grow primarily in the spring and fall.

Annual Weeds

Annual weeds die back completely at the end of their yearly growing cycle. These plants can flower and disperse seeds numerous times during their growing cycle.

Perennial Weeds

Unlike annual weeds, perennials don’t die back. Trees and shrubs are technically perennials in the same way. While our native perennial plants go dormant in the winter, many invasive weeds continue growing all year round.

Pre-emergent Lawn Treatments

It’s always easier to control seed germination than to control a living, established, invasive weed. Stopping the weed before it sprouts means the weed has less roots to sustain itself after treatment and less leaf size to reduce the amount of chemical needed to control.

Pre-emergent weed control services from Northwest Weed Management will protect your yard against a wide range of undesirable weeds throughout the year. This service requires routine preventative treatments to be effective. Such treatments will keep grass and turf healthier by protecting it against weeds which compete for nutrients, water and sunlight.

Easy Maintenance Lawn Plan

Our easy maintenance lawn plan includes roughly 6-8 applications a year. We first analyse your lawn, your weeds, the soil they’re growing in and your local environmental conditions. After lawn evaluation, we will fertilize the lawn supplying needed nutrients, target specific weed patches within the lawn, and provide pre-emergent services for a healthy lawn year-round.